Sunday, October 27, 2013

EBC confirms LGE 2013 had highest voter turnout ever for local vote

On Tuesday media local media reports said there was a law voter turnout for the Local Government Election, averaging around 26 per cent of the electorate of more than one million.

However the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) isn't sure where those figures came from. On Friday media reports said the EBC gave figures that suggest the vote was the highest ever, although they are still considered preliminary.

Here's the breakdown:
Electorate: 1,036,6731
Voted: 43.52 per cent

Result:   (136 seats in 14 corporations)
  • PNM:     85 seats, 189,805 votes; 8 corporations
  • UNC:     44 seats, 121,793 votes; 5 corporations
  • COP:     03 seats, 032,616 votes; 0 corporations
  • NJAC:    00 seats, 000,894 votes; no corporations
  • ILP:      03 seats, 102,918 votes
The People's Partnership's total vote was 155,303. The combined PP and ILP vote was 258,221.

Based on the votes cast, the parties would get aldermen according to the list below:

PNM: (36 aldermen)
  • 4 each in Port-of-Spain, Arima, Point Fortin, Diego Martin, San Juan/Laventille and Tunapuna/Piarco 
  • 3 in San Fernando
  • 3 in Mayaro-Rio Claro, Princes Town, Sangre Grande and Siparia
  • 2 in Chaguanas

UNC: (14 aldermen)

  • 4 in Penal/Debe
  • 2 each in Couva, Mayaro/Rio Claro, Princes Town, Siparia, Chaguanas
  • 1 in Sangre Grande
COP (1 alderman)
  • 1 in San Fernando 
ILP (5 aldermen)
  • 2 each in Chaguanas and Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo
  • 1 in Sangre Grande

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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