Monday, September 16, 2013

PR comes to T&T, but what does it mean?

For the first time in Trinidad and Tobago Proportional Representation would be used to elect Aldermen to the municipal councils Trinidad.

It's an idea that was first presented to the government in 1974 by the Wooding Commission but was promptly rejected by then Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams, who described the system as one that would "drive a dagger into the heart of the PNM".

Now decades later it has been accepted in a limited form, a first step in the direction of greater people participation in the democractic process.

The Guardian Media has published a Q&A that was developed by Nigel Henry of Solution by Simulation following the parliamentary debate on proportional representation. The same organisation accurately predicted the outcome of the Tobago House of Assembly election.

Read the Q&A in the Guardian
What PR system means to T&T

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