Sunday, September 22, 2013

OBIT: Joe Theodore

File: Joe Thoedore - 1935-2013
Brigadier General Joseph Theo­dore died Saturday at the age of 78. Local media
reported that the former national security minister in the Panday UNC administration suffered a heart attack at his home in Peteit Valley.

Theodore , 78, died around midday yesterday after he suffered a heart attack at his Petit Valley home. He was predeceased by his wife, who died five years ago and lived alone, the Expresss newspaper reported.

The paper quoted his daughter Joanne Theo­dore, who her father telephoned her Saturday morning and said he was not feeling well. She said she went to his home and took him to a private hospital where he was pronounced dead at around noon.

“He was fine. He had plans to travel and was going to visit relatives in Canada, but before that he was waiting to be inducted into the St Mary’s College Hall of Fame, which was to be done in October,” the Express quoted her as saying.

“It was just this morning he woke up and he complained of chest pains and we took him to West Shore, where we found out it was a massive heart attack. It was very sudden for all of us, as he remained fit and he always took care with his physicals, so that’s why his death came as a shock to us.”
Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith, told the Express he was saddened by Theodore's death and added that he had been planning to ask him to be his special adviser.

"This morning (Saturday) I was actually trying to get in contact with Brigadier Theodore to offer him the position to be my special adviser, and the reason being is that Brigadier Theodore was a role model to me,” Griffith told the Express

"He has proven to be probably one of the most successful ministers of National Security we’ve had in the last two decades. Minister Theodore, in his capacity as minister of national security, he was the one that was instrumental in having the murder rate below 100, and it is very unfortunate we have lost a great soldier," Griffith added.

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