Sunday, September 15, 2013

Letter: Thanks for caring Dr Rowley!

As I understand it, under the rules of Parliament, an MP can bring about a suspension of any sitting where there's a matter of urgent public business that's more pressing. What could be more pressing than bringing relief to thousands of citizens in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster?
Night before, the whole of Diego Martin and neigbouring areas was swamped again by "an act of God". Homes were swept away or flooded, taking along or destroying property worth millions of dollars, leaving thousands of citizens battered, bruised, bewildered and traumatized. 

Thankfully, I wasn't as badly hit as they were. So for the past 30 hours I've been helping and organising help for persons affected. 

During that time, I have run across Dr Amery Browne. I saw Ministers George, Griffith, Singh, Rambachan and Coudray. DMRC Chairman Sammy was also at the forefront of things. 

I am yet to see the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Rowley, even though parts of his constituency was badly affected too.

I've lately learnt he was not with his constituents in their time of tragedy because he stuck to his originally planned schedule (of going to Parliament to give his response to the 2014 Budget) and delegated some of his minions to go out in the field in his place. 

It would have meant something to us if he had stayed on the ground, by our side, in this time of pain. 

Some other PNM MP could have been instructed to lead off on behalf of the Opposition. 

Or better yet, he could have instructed one of them to request an urgent adjournment for a day or two. 

I am sure the Prime Minister would have agreed since she is a leader who empathizes immensely when misfortune overtakes communities. Furthermore, this time around time was not a constraint as the Budget was presented somewhat earlier than normal. In any case, on reading what he offered as his response to the Budget, it is clear Parliament would not have missed him.

Thanks for caring, Dr Rowley. It shall be noted.

Erica Campbell-Moe | Upper La Puerta, Diego Martin.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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