Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kublalsingh arrested again

Police arrested Wayne Kublalsingh on Friday for the second time this week as the leader of the Highway Re Route Movement resumed a protest aimed at stopping work on the Mon Desir-Debe section of the highway to Point Fortin.

Police removed Kublalsingh from the path of an excavator that clearing land near Mon Desir for the highway. They also removed eight other protesters from the site but only arrested the leader. 
He faces obstruction charges. 
Police arrest Wayne Kulalsingh on Wednesday
On Wednesday, police arrested Kublalsingh on the construction site near the Mon Desir Interchange. He was granted bail in the sum of $10,000. The next day he apeared in court to answer charges of obstructing police officers in the course of their duties, assault and resisting arrest and pleaded not guilty. The matter has been adjourned to December 4. 

On Friday, local media reported that there was a stand off between Kublalsingh, officials of OAS Construtora and police officers. The Re Route group was sitting in the path of an excavator and police asked them to move or face arrest.

Kublalsingh reportedly told the police that the protesters were on private land and police had no jurisdiction to make any arrests on private property. Police later proceeded to clear the path of the excavator, lifted Kublalsingh and took him away, the Express newspaper reported.

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