Friday, September 27, 2013

It's not true; Alleyne denies that AG asked him to be PP candidate in St Joseph

Ian Alleyne: "Jack Warner needs to get his facts right."
 Ian Alleyne confirmed to the Guardian media Thursday that he was not asked to run as a candidate for the People's Partnership in the St Joseph byelection.

He was reponding to statements made on a political platform by Jack Warner, the interim leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP).

Speaking at a meeting in Point Fortin Wednesday night Warner said Attorney General Anand Ramlogan made the offer to the popular Crime Watch host in a telephone conversation.

Warner claimed that Ramlogan told Alleyne that he would be the new National Security Minister if he wins the seat. "Last Thursday the AG calls Ian Alleyne. He puts Kamla on the other line and the AG is begging Ian to go up for St Joseph, telling Ian that if he accepts, they will make him Minister of National Security," Warner declared.

Alleyne told the Guardian that never happened. He said he never received such a call from Ramlogan, although he said if such an opportunity presents itself it would be worth considering.

"If it means taking Crime Watch to a next level in dealing with the crime from a parliamentary level I have no problem with that,” Alleyne told the paper, but noted that he does not have skills or contacts to end crime, especially in St Joseph.

"Jack Warner needs to get his facts right. The Prime Minister has never asked me about anything pertaining to St Joseph," Alleyne told the Guardian.

"I don’t really give a hoot about party and what not but I can tell you Jack Warner bringing that on the platform is a clear indication that he is fearful of that,” he added. 

Alleyne said he has heard rumours that he might be asked to contest the St Joseph seat. He added that he has a cordial relationship with both the AG and the PM.

“On numerous times the Attorney General and other government officials have assisted me with certain crime victims with whatever level of assistance they could offer," he said.

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