Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Talk of cabinet changes premature: PM Kamla

PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar: "I have not made any final decisions" (CNMG photo)
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar told reporters Tuesday reports of a cabinet shuffle are premature.

She was commenting on a Express newspaper article that said at least two ministers would be fired in the planned change. The newspaper cited unnamed sources.

Speaking with reporters following the opening of the new $50 million Siparia Market.

Persad-Bissessar said, "We have to find ways to improve accountability, governance measures, and it has to be done at two levels - at the Government level as well as the party level." 

She added, "I have not made any final decisions. We are still in the process of introspection, reflection and of course, consultation with as many persons as we can."

The PM also responded to the resignation of Lyndira Oudit from the UNC and from the Senate where she held the post of Vice President. She said Oudit exercised her democratic right.

"I have no further comment about that matter. She has exercised her right and you may want to ask her further on that. I have no further comment on it. I always tell you when you get to be my age, expect anything. We will deal with each eventuality as they arise. I am not unduly fearful," she said.

The new market in the PM's constituency was build at the same location as the old market. It has running water and modern sanitary facilities.

State television CNMG quoted one vendor, who spoke about the way things were: "It was like a nightmare to start with. Rain, water falling, running, you selling in the ground, you getting wet. To start with, the place itself, the atmosphere, parking, it was a total mess."

Another vendor told CNMG the old structure was like a goat farm, with animals sleeping in vendors' stall. He also said the market used to be a home for vagrants. "Sometimes when you wake them up, they want to fight you. So it was real problems we passed through," the unnamed vendor was quoted as saying. He welcomed the new market. "We passed through hell, now we in heaven," he stated.

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