Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rambachan says "shameless" Rowley needs to apologise for email fiasco

File: Suruj Rambachan
Suruj Rambachan told reporters Tuesday Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley is "shameless" and should apologise to the country over the email matter.
The works minister was speaking at the opening of the Taruba Link Road, which connects the Solomon Hochoy Highway to the San Fernando bypass. Lutchmedial Contractors completed the project for $61.7 million.

Last week Rambachan received confirmation from Google International that the email address does not exist.

Rowley responded by saying that there were other emails that Ramabachan didn't mention. But the minister said Rowley is a shameless character who went to Parliament and denigrated and criticised the character of people and the integrity of people.

“Now that the truth is a stark reality before his face, he cannot swallow the truth and he cannot face up to himself. He is an angry man now that his disguise has been stripped and he remains without clothing.” 

He added: “I think he first needs to apologise to the country, apologise for his behaviour and that is the first thing he should do, otherwise he will continue to shame himself.”

Rambachan reiterated that the emails presented by Rowley have been declared as fakes by experts. "They’re cut-and-paste words. You guys are intelligent guys, you saw it, you know what is a fake from not fake. It is cut-and-paste."
He said he is not worried about the police investigation. "They can look for what they want, I have no fear about anything at all in this matter." He also stated that while he continues to cooperate with the police he is not the subject of any investigation. "I am not under investigations, you just remember that."

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