Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No traitors in City Hall: Mayor Lee Sing

POS Mayor Louis Lee Sing (Express photo)
The mayor of Port of Spain on Monday responded to a charge made on Friday by OWTU President General Ancel Roget that there are PNM traitors in City Hall.

"There are simply no traitors, if anything there are patriots here at City Hall," Louis Lee Sing told reporters in response to a statement made on Friday by Roget.

Rowley and members of the PNM, including Lee Sing and deputy Mayor Keron Valentine marched with joint trade union group but did not stay for the speeches. Rowley marched with the union members and was seated on the stage when Roget made the remarks.

“There are traitors in the camp. There are traitors right there at City Hall in Port of Spain.They did everything to scuttle this rally here this evening, I must tell you that. They tried their damnedest to ensure that this rally did not come off,” Roget said.

He added, "You only have to look right below the very top and you will find out who that person is. We are not afraid to call a spade a spade, regardless of who is holding the handle."

Lee Sing said Roget made a "fictitious and intemperate" comment that seemed to be directed at the deputy mayor.

The mayor outlined the timeline and sequence of events relating to the march to show that Roget was not being truthful. He said the city delivered on all the requests from the labour group.

"I believe Roget missed a golden opportunity to speak to the hearts and minds of the public over the issues that affect the lives of the population, and instead used a platform of importance to attempt to cement his relationship with Rowley,” Lee Sing said.

And he called on David Abdullah to deal with "Roget’s erroneous and reckless statement". He said the leader of 
the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is yet to respond..

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