Friday, July 12, 2013

No one dictates Guardian's editorial policy: MD Faria

Gabriel Faria: "...we have never had meetings with any government minister about editorial content."
The Managing Director of Guardian Media Limited said on Thursday no one could dictate the direction and pace of the company's editorial policies. And that includes politicians.

Gabriel Faria made the statement in response to some media reports that two government minister met the Guardian board last Friday to raise concerns about the paper's editorial policy and that the move led to the resignation of two Guardian reporters.

The Guardian quoted Faria: "I could say unequivocally that we have never had meetings with any government minister about editorial content in the Guardian. They have used the term political interference, and I am flabbergasted because I know we’ve had no political interference. I know that our quest has always been to ensure that our journalism is free, fair and unbiased.” 

He complimented his organisation's journalists. "They are hard- working and dedicated," he said. He added, "We always have to strive to be better and continue to improve the standards of our reporting. 

"I made a comment to one of our editors today (Thursday) that my goal would be to have a media house that is not just legally correct but also morally correct. We have to treat our audience and people fairly, and that means lifting the standards of our journalism, investigating background and verifying data.” 

He expressed disappointment with reports about what is happening at the Guardian, "There was so much misinformation in the media that I am really disappointed.”

Faria said, "
I can assure you that 98 per cent of journalists or more are here sitting in our organisation today (Thursday), doing the work they are doing, which is to provide free and fearless journalism.” 

He said the organmisation is committed to improving the quality of reporting to satisfy the needs of its audience, and added, "I am sure that people will make us their number one choice due to the quality of journalism we provide."

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