Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moonilal says Jack was working for PNM constituencies, not CWC

Dr Roodal Moonilal
Roodal Moonilal said on Monday night Jack Warner was using his office as MP for Chaguanas West and his influence in government to work for opposition People's National Movement (PNM).

He said Warner's pre-dawn meetings to meet people were really to look after the interests of the 12 PNM MPs. 

He said the evidence is in the allocation of homes from the Housing Development Corporation. Moonilal, who is the housing minister, said every MP makes recommendations for persons within their constituencies to get home and noted that Warner made 342 recommendations but the house did not go to people in Chaguanas West.

Moonilal produced a list, which he offered to show to anyone who wants to check it. He said it shows that of the 342 houses allocated to Chaguanas West, Warner gave only 21 to residents of Chaguanas West of which only three were for Felicity.

He read out a list of some of the locations that benefitted from the housing:

  1. Mount Hope 
  2. Malabar 
  3. San Juan 
  4. Laventille 
  5. Arouca 
  6. Sangre Grande 
  7. Morvant 
  8. Point Fortin
  9. Morvant 
  10. Marabella 
  11. Port of Spain
  12. Trincity
Moonilal said when the UNC put Jack Warner in Chagunas West it was to represent the people. However he said Warner's focus was on representing the 12 PNM seats to build his constituency to later work against the government. 

He promised that when Khadijah Ameen wins the election on July 29 she would represent the people in Chaguanas West and when she delivers homes they would all go to the people in her constituency.
AG Anand Ramlogan - "Don't go back to being invisible".
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan gave a snapshot of Trinidad and Tobago's history of division and fragmentation among the opposition during the PNM's unbroken reign from 1956 to 1986. 

He said the PNM also introduced voting machines to manipulate the electoral process to their advantage. He accused the PNM of blatant discrimination and noted that in all its years in power it could not appoint a single Hindu to the cabinet.

He compared that with the Kamla Persad-Bissessar government that comprises 16 Christians, 11 Hindus and 4 Muslims.

Ramlogan reminded supporters that it was former PM Patrick Manning who said he could not find Indians to include in his government. "Do not let yourselves become invisible again!" he declared.

The AG said the UNC, which was born in 1988, has had its fair share of fragmentation but was able to unite and win government.

He said the Prime Minister suffered great distress and aguish because of "someone we love and cherish" but the negatives came down like an avalanche and the PM had to put country first.

"She had to say no one man is bigger than her team ... no one man is bigger than the country and my people," Ramlogan said. He said Persad-Bissessar's career in politics was inspired by her love of children and stated that as minister of education she gave every child a place in secondary school.

Ramlogan said the rays of the Rising Sun would shine everyone and turn green into yellow.

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