Friday, July 12, 2013

Local government launches video conference system

Minister of Local Government Surujrattan Rambachan has launched a video conferencing system, which allows him to conduct meetings with top officials and administrators of local government bodies.

Rambachan launched the service with a meeting in real time with live audio and video streaming between Kent House and eight Municipal Corporate Headquarters in Trinidad.

The project is designed to establish an integrated video conferencing service to enhance the communications delivery capabilities at the Ministry of Local Government. 

In a media release, the Ministry said. "This initiative is yet another step towards the development and building of internal capacity both at the Ministry and Municipal Corporations Level."

It explained the benefits of Video Conferencing, which is to:
  • Facilitate real-time video conferencing and collaboration among staff across remote locations
  • Design a communications architecture that will significantly enhance internal and external communication resulting in better informed citizens
  • Promote a communication architecture that can seamlessly integrate applications that will facilitate a more effective Local Government service delivery to communities
  • Save time, money and expand the capability of the Ministry’s human resources. e.g. someone travelling from Mayaro/Rio Claro to Port of Spain can save approximately four (4) hours in commute time
  • Become an alternative and effective means of communication in times of natural disasters and national emergencies

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Bhagavan Pabbu said...

Great blog.Indeed, Video conferencing software is the best ever solution for these agencies to track the field persons and to deliver the instructions, so as to make a decision regarding the plan of action that have to be compiled during the time of traffic jams or hurricanes or any disasters.

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