Thursday, July 18, 2013

Letter: Rowley's antics generate laughter

Always sure to generate a good laugh by his antics, Dr Keith Rowley's on the floor again. 

This time he's running his mouth about protests lodged by lawyers for the Prime Minister and others over Ken Gordon's impartiality in the emailgate issue. The media reports indicate Rowley feels their objections arise due to their clients' paranoia. He fails to remember he suffers from the same disorder.

When the Integrity Commission went after him concerning the "transfer" of materials from the Scarborough Hospital Project to Landate, Rowley went to great lengths to avoid prosecution. 

The Sealey Commission of Enquiry clearly stated the materials were "transferred" and that he benefitted from the "transfers" as owner of Landate. His fussing over the Prime Minister pointing out Gordon's apparent bias cannot be taken seriously, for it is simply a case of do so eh like so.

What are the facts?

Rowley sent to the President a document he mysteriously received. The President sent the document to the Integrity Commission. Months afterwards, Rowley demanded the Integrity Commission meet him urgently. They met under cover of darkness at Gordon's home and, at that meeting, Rowley asked Gordon if the Integrity Commission was investigating the emailgate matter and Gordon answered no. 

Mind you, there was no Integrity Commission then in place: only a Chairman, Ken Gordon. Neither of them mentioned a thing about the meeting until Dr Moonilal "buss de mark" in Parliament by way of a polite inquiry en passant.

Both Rowley and Gordon have subsequently disclosed they've been good friends for many years. On the ground of their close bond alone, Gordon must excuse himself from touching emailgate! Any demand he recuse himself due to the "secret" meeting is pure icing on the cake.

But, in this place called T&T, odd things happen at times. We shall await to see whether Rowley succeeds in denying others the "right" he enjoyed to escape getting stick over Landate.

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.

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