Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kamla asks Jack to explain where money went

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar launched a scathing attack on her former national security minister, labelling Jack Warner as a traitor whose sole ambition is to overthrow her government. 

And she said he launched a new party to advance his ambition of overthrowing the government and the prime minister.

She was speaking in her dual roles as Prime Minister and leader of the United National Congress at the UNC's Monday Night Forum at the Chaguanas Government Primary School.

"His intention is to work with the PNM to try to topple your government and open a back door for the PNM to enter Chaguanas West … And when that nefarious deed is done your former MP would continue his mission to try to overthrow your constitutionally elected government," she charged.

She reminded her supporters and specifically voters who will elect the next MP for Chaguanas West that Warner was the person who conspired with the PNM to overthrow a UNC mayor.

Persad-Bissessar called Warner's decision to form a party to fight the UNC a betrayal and dubbed the former MP a traitor.

"Why did he form a party while pretending that he wanted to be the UNC  candidate? That is betrayal of the worst kind," she said. "You don’t form a party in five days… he was betraying you all along and if you fall for his basket he would continue to do it...and then he would ask you to overthrow your government," she added.

She warned voters that Warner's ambition is "to overthrow your leader" saying that he would "use you and conspire with the enemy to achieve his aim!"

She told supporters to vote for the UNC to stay in government and not to be dazzled by false promises. She said any development in the constituency and everywhere else comes from state development funds so it is the government, not an individual who can makes things happen.

She said in spite of Warner's boast of the best representation, she has seen widespread neglect in the constituency with poor infrastructure in large sections of the area. And she questioned what happened to the $256 million allocated between 2010 and 2012 from the PURE program for infrastructure works in Chaguanas West alone. 
She offered an apology to the people of Chaguanas West for the neglect they suffered and said Warner cannot guarantee roads, drains or other government services.

The Prime Minister talked about allegations of financial impropriety made against Warner in the Sunday Express newspaper and asked him to declare whether the allegations are true.

Read the story:


Former minister solicited and received millions of dollars from wealthy business interests

She suggested that Warner might be in violation of the Integrity in Public Life Act and also of tax evasion.

Persad-Bissessar said the byelection on July 29 is not just about Chaguanas West. It is about the future of the country, she said, noting that Warner's aim is to interrupt the development that has been taking place since the People's Partnership government took office.

"We are continuing the journey and we ask you to stand firm with your party. We in the UNC are committed to building a just society where everyone would be equal … we are dedicated to ending every form of discrimination. The change for which you voted is taking place as promised," she said.

She called on everyone to vote for Khadijah Ameen, whom she described as bright and competent. She said a vote for Khadijah on July 29 is a vote for progress and continuity.

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