Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jack on the attack while stating he doesn't want to harm PP government

Jack Warner: "I am no rogue, Prime Minister..."
Jack Warner on Friday night called for investigations into the PM’s Christmas Fund and the Children’s Life Fund and raised questions about a minister's spending without naming anyone. 

"What is the difference Madam Prime Minister between Jack Warner soliciting funds from the business community for a Christmas Party for his staff and others soliciting funds from the business community for toys for children?" he asked.

He also charged that a cabinet minister granted favours to his brother who had been unemployed in Canada, handing him lucrative contracts in trinidad. He did not provide any evidence to support his claims. He also claimed that the same minister bought an expensive home in Canada and a luxury vehicle for his daughter to attend university there.

With respect to his UNC opponent in the July 29 byelection, Warner demanded to know where Khadijah Ameen is getting the money to finance her campaign.

Warner told his supporters he knows where the money is coming from but did not provide the evidence. 

He also had comments about two members of the Congress of the People - Rodger Samuel and Lincoln Douglas. Samuel is a minister in the Office of the Prime Minister and Douglas is Arts and Multiculturalism minister.

Warner said the Prime Minister is not treating Samuel fairly although the COP member is an elected MP. He said Samuel fought a won a "bruising election" and won the Arima seat in 2010 but the PM preferred to appoint others to cabinet although they were unelected. He named Dr Bhoe Tewari and Marlene Coudray, who are both senators.

“This smacks of inequity of bias and is wrong...It is actions like these...that are tearing the COP membership apart,” Warner stated, adding that all paarties in the partnership deserve to be treated equally.

Warner took aim at Douglas who stated earlier in the week, "Who want to go could go,” in reference to statements that some COP members might want to leave the partnership. Warner called the statement "foolish" and said Douglas would pay a price for it "sooner rather than later."

The former cabinet minister also called for an audit on the expenditure for the August 31, 2012 independence anniversary concert to celebrate the country's 50th anniversary. 

Despite his clear attacks on the government and the PM, Warner insisted that his motive is not to bring down thee government. 

"It is not that Jack Warner cannot fight back. It is just that I will not do so because I must never be accused of bringing down a government I carried into power on my shoulders and replace them with a dysfunctional PNM Government under the incompetent watch of Dr Keith Rowley," he said.

"So I will say nothing more my dear Prime Minister, because I must not ever do anything to cause the PNM to get back into power. That is why, my dear Prime Minister, after my victory on July 29, notwithstanding your public rejection, once again, I will make a formal application for the Independent Liberal Party and its thousands of members to become a partner in the People's Partnership government." 

He had a message for his former leader: "I am no rogue Prime Minister, but you and I know where the rogues are."

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