Thursday, August 1, 2013

ILP not joining PP; Warner says only thing in common is opposition to PNM

Jack Warner said on Wednesday the only common ground that his Independent Liberal party (ILP) shares with the People’s Partnership is the opposition to the People’s National Movement (PNM).

The interim leader of the ILP made the point at a media conference at which he dismissed the idea of joining the Partnership.

“Our visions for Trinidad and Tobago are different from theirs; our missions are miles apart. What we consider to be critical milestones for the sustainable development for the people of Trinidad and Tobago are irrelevant to them,” he told reporters.

He added that the Partnership lost Monday’s byelection to him and the elections in Tobago earlier this year because the electorate does not like the politics that the Partnership practises.

Warner explained what he considers to be the real problem. “The UNC lost in its heartland because the people have quickly recognized that the UNC that they voted into office is not the UNC of their forefathers,” he said.

He claimed that as soon as the People’s Partnership took office it abandoned its own and adopted the style of the former National Alliance for reconstruction (NAR), which removed the PNM in a 33-3 victory in 1986 but five years later was reduced to just the two seats in Tobago.

The re-elected Chaguanas West MP said the ILP would listen to the people because it “owes its leadership to the membership of this party and that we will never forget”.

He also criticised the Congress of the People (COP), noting that the party is no longer the “moral compass” that it had been under the leadership of Winston Dookeran.

Speaking about his own party, Warner said the ILP won on Monday because his vision for change remained the same that it was when people voted in May 2010 for the Partnership.

“The ILP won because people all over this country want representation, action and performance,” he said, adding that the UNC and the PP are not providing that today. “Our ideology is different, our message represents our practice and our vision is the expectation of our people,” he said.

He said there is not much hope for ILP joining the Partnership. “What we consider to be critical milestones for the sustainable development for the people of Trinidad and Tobago are irrelevant to them,” he said. 

Warner also spoke of his party’s next steps, which includes the drafting of a constitution by a team led by Anna Deonarine, an attorney who is party’s Interim Deputy Leader.

Other plans include:
  • Opening of offices across the country
  • An accelerated membership drive and the creation of a database to determine competencies of everyone
  • Emphasis on youth involvement
  • A national assembly to be held on September 29
  • Draft Strategic Development Plan for the Local Government elections
  • A similar plan for Trinidad and Tobago

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