Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feature: We are too fat!

We are fat! 

That is now confirmed by the United Nations, which classifies Trinidad and Tobago as one of the fattest countries in the developed world.

According to a new report from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, we are number six on a list, which puts Mexico at the top followed by the United States, Syria, Venezuela and Libya. The U.S. used to be number one on the list. 

Obesity poses a great health risk, especially among the ethnicities that make up the Trinidad and Tobago population. Diabetes, which is a common disease that comes from obesity, leads to other serious complications including cardiac disease, renal failure, blindness and death. 

The UN report says about 12 per cent of the world's total population is obese, which means that we are more than two times higher that the global average. Japan is the least obese country in the developed world where just  4.5 of adults are considered obese.

Perhaps we should switch to Sushi! But it's not that simple.

We are now classified as a "high income developed country". When we combine that with our lifestyle and the availability  of high fat fast foods such as pizza and fried foods - fried chicken, doubles and a whole lot more - it explains the high level of obesity.

Perhaps what is needed most today is a combined effort of government agencies and civi groups to create an education program to encourage healthy eating and a lifestyle change.

It's no use spending an hour in the gym and then consuming thousands of calories by eating the wrong meals and snacks. 

Our children are also getting fat because we don't encourage them to play and engage in sports. The computer has become the playing field and snacking is a dangerous part of their lifestyle. 

It's good to be high up on global lists but this is one list from which we need to climb down. 

Obesity is a medical condition often caused by the choices we make. In some cases there are hormonal and genetic issues, which doctors can treat. However, in general terms if we start paying more attention to what we eat and how we live we could take control and start losing the pounds.

It's easy to start. Switch off the TV and go for a walk. It's amazing what 30 minutes of walking could do for you. Park your car far away from the door at the mall and walk. At home do some work in the house and the yard instead of hiring someone to do it.

And cut back on the doubles and pies. Drink water instead of the high calorie drinks and go easy on the pastries and ice cream. 

Obesity hurts more than you looks so take charge and let's get healthy!

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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