Friday, June 28, 2013

UNC launches campaign for CWC with appeal to keep party in government

Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Friday launched the UNC campaign for the Chaguanas West byelection with a focus on loyalty and the need to keep the constituency in government by re-electing the party's candidate, Khadijah Ameen. 
"Don’t let anybody confuse you about loyalty. People talk about loyalty but the question we must ask ourselves all the time is where does the loyalty lie," she said. She noted that the challenge of loyalty was manifest in 2010 when members of the UNC chose her as leader.

"Loyalty must be to the institution … our great party, the United National Congress. Sometimes we are challenged to choose between loyalty to one person and to our party and country...Loyalty must be an unwavering commitment to our country. 

In order to reinforce the point she went to the scriptures.

"Moses gave up the Kingdom of Egypt to stand up for the children of Israel. He had been loyal to Pharoah and still loved him. But the greater good was to end the slavery of his people. His duty to his people was greater that the comforts of a palace and the embrace of a queen. 

"Lord Krishna tells us in the Gita that to fight on the side of righteousness means sometimes you have to fight against your family...And if that is what you encounter in this election, you must make that choice and fight for what is right," she said.

She stated that the right thing to do on July 29th is to vote for the UNC because when the party is in government everyone wins. "You must put aside all other loyalties and friendships and choose the UNC," she said.

Persad-Bissessar said unlike the PNM, the UNC represents everyone and has created a revolution in development the likes of which has never been seen. And she said everyone is included because that is the UNC way.

"That is why our party chose the symbol of THE RISING SUN. The rising sun gives warmth and energy to everyone. It sustains all life and symbolizes who we are. 

"With each new day the RISING SUN brings new promises and new hope wherever its rays reach… We are a people’s party, dedicated to unity, equality, freedom, justice and democracy. 

"YOU PUT US in government to serve you. And together with our coalition partners we have been doing just that. 
"So I am asking you to maintain your trust in us… look at what we have achieved in three years. We have more work to do for you. Keep the faith and mark your X next to the RISING SUN on July 29 and we will continue to work for you – everyday. 

"We are a government of the people and when the UNC wins back Chaguanas West, we all win because we would have a stronger party and a stronger GOVERNMENT. Chaguanas West would be back in government – where it belongs."

She reminded voters that "Everything that you have got in Chaguanas West was because YOUR UNC MP was in government."

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