Saturday, June 29, 2013

UNC chooses Ameen to fight CWC byelection

Kamla and Khadijah Friday night
Khadijah Ameen is the candidate for the United National Congress (UNC) in the July 29 byelection in Chaguanas West. The party's political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced the UNC's choice at a rally at Pepper Sauce Junction, Endeavour Friday night.

Persad-Bissessar thanked all eight persons who sought the nomination, including the former MP, Jack Warner, who was in the large audience.

"It always comes down to making choices; in every constituency we can only have one candidate," she said. "We had to decide who was best to meet all our requirements. We stand for honesty, integrity and loyalty. We are an inclusive party that embraces the youth and women...that’s the way of the future.

"And having considered all the factors, we made a choice and tonight I am asking you to embrace your candidate and elect that candidate on JULY 29" Persad-Bissessar said.

She stated that Ameen, the current chair of the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation, is no political novice. She said Ameen stood up in defence of people and was arrested for protecting her constituents.

In a speech in which she appealed to supporters to keep Chaguanas West in the UNC and in government, Persad-Bissessar said the election was unexpectedly thrust on the party but noted that the UNC was ready. And she urged everyone to keep the opposition PNM out.

"You have to keep Chaguanas West in government so that we will continue to serve you as we have been doing for the past three years that we have been in government. 

"Don’t let the opposition get anywhere close to winning...

"Don’t let anybody tell you this is not an important election. This is a very important election that will determine if Chaguanas West stays in government or goes into opposition...We win when we unit; we win when we vote
," she said.

Persad-Bissessar called on her supporters to be wary of the PNM and declared that in In three years they have not contributed a single constructive idea about how to run a government or how to improve T&T.

Ask them what they can do for you," she said. "Ask them what they have ever done for you...They don’t want a hospital in Penal. They don’t want a university campus in Debe. They don’t want Chaguanas to develop. They don’t want anything unless it is in Port of Spain. 

"But I tell Port of Spain is not Trinidad and Tobago. We pledged to serve you and that service must come to you wherever you are – from Laventille to Cedros; Scarborough to Charlotteville... 

"Remember they are the ones who caused the worst rural neglect … and they are the ones who have pledged to shut down your ministry of the people. Their political spite is a threat to the peace and stability of our country."

Persad-Bissessar asked her audience to remember 2001 when the "egos of three men" caused the collapse of the first majority government the UNC had ever won. Ramesh, Ralph and Romeo, she said, felt they were bigger than the party and conspired with the PNM against the government. (Romeo is a nickname of former MP Trevor Sudama).

She said their actions caused the UNC to remain 10 years in the political wilderness. The UNC leader urged supporters to ensure than history is not repeated. She said their duty is to the greater good.

And she said no one should fear for her. "I have been up and down but I have never given up. Where the Lord leads, I will follow," she said.

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