Saturday, June 22, 2013

PM's lawyer says IC would have PNM bias if Gordon stays

File: Israel Khan
Israel Khan insists that Ken Gordon must resign as chairman of the Integrity Commission because so long as Gordon leads the commission there would a perception of bias in favour of the opposition People's National Movement (PNM).

The Prime Minister's attorney commented on the issue shortly after Gordon released a statement indicating that he did nothing wrong and that he would not resign from the commission.

Khan issued a media release stating that Gordon should quit immediately. "If Ken Gordon does not resign on his own volition, the new commission under his leadership will be accused of ‘apparent bias’ any time the conduct of a PNM is under review by the Integrity Commission” Khan said.

"If Gordon does not have the decency and good sense to resign his position as chairman, he may find himself in a position whereby he cannot adequately function and then bring the entire commission into disrepute,” he added.

Khan wondered if Gordon is the “confidant” of the Opposition and stated that every “right-thinking person” would view his meeting with Rowley as “inappropriate and unbecoming”.

He said Gordon should offer his resignation to the president and let him decided "whether you should demit office or serve out the 16 months of the three-year term.” 

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