Sunday, June 16, 2013

Letter: Rowley 'do-so-like-so' man

Trinidad and Tobago is a land renowned for being routinely deluged by the midday orographic downpour...and for being a place where shoo-shoo reigns. Consequently, prudent Trinbagonians with "cocoa in the sun" scrupulously guard against drenching, particularly as the political climate changed dramatically and permanently in May 2010. 

Also, upscale residential districts—such as where Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley and Integrity Commission Chairman, Ken Gordon, live—operate a legitimate form of maccoing called "the Neighbourhood Watch". 

Dr Keith Rowley's, consternation that his nighttime meeting with the Integrity Commission Chairman, Kenneth Gordon, became known to everyone in such short order therefore doesn't surprise anyone. 

Apart from being patently contrived and his known tendency of saying or doing just about anything to get closer to the seat of power, the Opposition Leader's wondering about his how political foes learnt what he hid re-affirms a derisive title many already pinned on him: The Do-so-doh-like-so Man. It's contrived because, instead of making a clean breast of it, he tries to save face by alleging the government had people watching him. In his mind, that's how his indiscreet rendezvous was unearthed.

Dr Roodal Moonilal's explanation is a perfect rebuttal—the Deputy Political Leader of the United National Congress is reported to have said, "The same way Dr Rowley got the emails—someone thought I should know about the meeting.”

Apparently, Dr Rowley and his supporters aren't satisfied with Dr Moonilal's comeback—they consider it flippant and driven by oneupmanship.

They'd fall silent if they visit the Parliament website—the Parliament website maintains an easily accessible record of everything which happens during Parliament sittings; checking up on what The Do-so-doh-like-so Man said during his fourth No-confidence motion, one finds page 96 of the House of Representatives' Hansard of May 22nd 2013 contains a very comprehensive endorsement of Dr Moonilal's response.

Amazingly, the stamp of approval came from the lips of The Do-so-doh-like-so Man himself (emphasis mine):

"Dr. Rowley: As Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Speaker, I receive a lot of things from people. There are citizens all over this country who see and hear things and think that somebody should know, and the Leader of the Opposition is ONE OF those places where such persons bring what they think others should know; what they think others are covering up; what they think others are doing wrong, or ignoring. So my office attracts these kinds of things. That is par for the course."

Bingo! As an MP who struggled to make it past the post last time, does the Do-so-doh-like-so Man believe everyone in his neighbourhood likes him? Oh, please! Finally, having disclaimed exclusive right-of-way to feedback from the ground, does his political value, contribution or prospects deserve being given a second look when the time comes?

Ayodele Chieng | Irving Street, in Petit Bourg.

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