Saturday, June 1, 2013

Letter: New open governance welcome

Have the media reported correctly? 

Is it true Attor­ney General Anand Ramlogan agreed to be interrogated, concerning the operation of his private e-mail account? This has got to be amazing. Just the notion that he’s willing to be interviewed confirms this is a different era.

In days gone by, under the former administration, government ministers were always reluctant when questions arose concerning their actions. Most times when they answered in full, they’d deliver a half-picked duck.

The PNM (People’s National Movement) has been leading a small and boisterous chorus, demanding a thorough investigation into the things Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley read out during his no-confidence motion. Judging by the amount of hype they’re putting into it, one would swear what Row­ley highlighted were the details of some horrific massacre somewhere in Trinidad and Tobago.

A salient feature of their de profundis is that it emanates from their insistence that anybody, except the Police Service, must conduct these investigations. Accor­ding to the PNM, local cops don’t have what’s required to solve what any mediocre computer whiz could.

The PNM’s line of reasoning must be taken with a general helping of salt. The salt, of course, is that their demand for outside help directly contradicts the stance they took when the same Attorney General tried to get highly trained, highly qualified but underutilised Defence Force personnel to assist the same Police Service in its fight against violent crime. If that doesn’t prove the PNM is opposed to building and appreciating our local institutions, what will?

In light of the above, the Attorney General and the other Government ministers (Rambachan and Moonilal) must be congratulated for not hesita­ting to be interrogated by the police. Their eagerness proves again that since Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar took over on May 24, 2010, Trinidad and Tobago’s governance issues have certainly matured and become open.

Lance Edison Tardieu | Point Cumana

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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