Saturday, June 22, 2013

Letter: Hyprocrites posing as labour leaders

In the last three years, five gentlemen, named David Abdulah, Ancil Roget, Vincent Cabrera, Joseph Remy and Michael Annisette, have been marching, shouting and doing everything possible, bordering on public nuisance, purportedly on behalf of the labour movement and apparently calling for good governance.
When the decision was about to be delivered by Madam Justice Armorer in the Section 34 cases, these men were sitting inside the courtroom anxiously awaiting the verdict. 

Had the verdict gone in favour of the businessmen who challenged the repeal of Section 34, it was quite clear that they were ready, willing and able to march through the streets, calling for heads of government to roll.

I say now that these men have proven to be hypocrites and nothing short of being PNM stooges. 

Why their silence surrounding the secret meeting involving the Opposition Leader and the Integrity Commission chairman? 

Is this secret meeting not a breach of good governance? Having regard to the critical role the two officeholders are supposed to carry out in the public interest, one would have thought that surely these esteemed trade unionists had some two cents worth to contribute.
Mikhael Roberts | Tacarigua

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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