Saturday, June 15, 2013

Letter: Gordon Must Go!

I write concerning Andre Bagoo's article ("Urgent meeting on email scandal", Trinidad Newsday, June 14th 2013).

The Integrity Act comprehensively restrains any third party from inquiring or being told of any matter referred to the Integrity Commission for investigation, except the Courts ordered. 

Why then did the Integrity Commission Chairman, Ken Gordon, tell the Opposition Leader: "The matter which he had referred to former President Richards is not...before the Integrity Commission", when Mr Gordon was approached at his home? 

In fact, why did Mr Gordon entertain Dr Rowley at his home at all?

In the interest of fairness (which is another word for "justice"), relations between politicians and persons holding judicial and quasi-judicial offices cannot be covert. Perception is reality. To avoid suspicion, their interactions must always be in full public glare and properly documented for posterity.

So, while I congratulate Mr Gordon for coming clean, I must take note he only so did after Dr Moonilal alerted the nation of the "secret interlude" between Dr. Rowley and Mr Gordon. Therefore, I'm afraid I can neither condone Gordon's action, nor have pity on him. I'm sorry, but he has to go.

This is not an issue of a gun falling out a holster here; this is an issue which again calls into serious question his (Gordon's) judgment and impartiality, as it follows his allowing a chummy photograph of himself and Mr Orville London to be placed in an Integrity Commission ad which was splashed prominently across local newspapers in the heat of last Tobago House of Assembly election campaign and mere days after the Attorney General had referred London to the Commission over the Milshirv deal. 

London was and still is a Deputy Political Leader of the People's National Movement, of which Dr Rowley is the head. When calls were made then for Gordon to resign, Dr Rowley sprang to his defence and accused Gordon's detractors of unfairly attacking the man.

Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice unless there's a powerful attraction. In the circumstances, I call on His Excellency, The President, to remove Mr Ken Gordon immediately from the Integrity Commission and let the incoming Commission be comprehensively pristine.

Grantley McNaughton, (Retiree)
Coora, Siparia.

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