Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kamla tells UNC supporters in CWC only one PP candidate to contest election

Kamla Persad-Bissessar: "We must take Chaguanas West back into government".
Kamla Persad-Bissessar told supporters of her United National Congress (UNC) Monday the People's Partnership has decided that it would have only one candidate for the Chaguanas West byelection.

She was speaking at the party's Monday Night Forum (MNF) in Felicity, which is in the Chaguanas West Constituency.

She urged supporters to vote for their party on election day, July 29th. "We must make sure that the PNM never wins this seat for this is a UNC seat, a partnership seat which must stay in government with the rest of the partnership." 

She said Chaguanas West must remain within the partnership. "We must take Chaguanas West back into government," she said. "As long as we remain one nothing nothing will stop us. Don't put yourself in opposition again."

She also said no decision has made yet about who will be the candidate in the constituency that was represented by Jack Warner until he resigned in April. Warner has been campaigning for the seat and has said he is confident that he would win the nomniation.

The UNC leader did not give any indication about who would be the candidate. "Our party is yet to decide on who will represent you in this election," she said. "There are many who are seeking the nomination including your former MP. And as I have said before we will follow the party rules and its constitution to select your candidate."

Persad-Bissessar said the party has received several nominations to date and advised anyone who still wants to seek the nomination to do so before the closing date.

"Persons who wish to be nominees should file their nominations in accordance with the UNC Constitution at the Rienzi Complex on or before Friday 21st June 2013 no later than 4pm. Thereafter screening will take place during the week of June 24 2013," she said.

She noted that all the development that has taken place over the past three years is because the party is in government and pledged. 

"When you look around at the developments that have taken place in the past three years in your communities, you know that your government has been working hard for you … and we will continue to do so after this election," she said.

She also gave an update on the payments made so far to members and depositors of the failed Hindu Credit Union (HCU), noting that 17,201 persons who had funds of up to $75,000 have already collected their money, which amounted to $130.6 million dollars.

"So if your claim is below $75,000… and you, have not yet received your money… You need to go and submit your request for payment at the Hindu Credit Union office in Chaguanas."

The government has also promised to pay people with deposits over $75,000. She said there are some legal issues to be settled before payments begin. She said the payment would be in the form of cash up to $75,000 and 20-year coupon bonds from the government for the rest.

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