Friday, June 28, 2013

Justice Minister Christlyn Moore
Cabinet has approved amendments to the Legal Aid and Advice Act to speed up the time it takes for prosecuting capital matters.

Justice Minister Christlyn Moore made the announcement Thursday at the post cabinet media briefing. She said there is a small pool of attorneys to deal cases and the problem is compounded by what she called "unattractive" Legal Aid fees paid to defend accused persons. 

Moore said this makes it difficult to get attorneys to take on cases and this causes a backlog in cases.

She said, "Currently, the maximum amount paid for the defence of a capital mater is $30,000. There are quite a number of cases where there are multiple accused charged with capital offences. There are cases where these matters have been adjourned for up to five years,” Moore said.

She explained that Cabinet agreed that the fee structure had to be revised to take into account long trials and multiple accused. 

“In these circumstances, in that part three of the first schedule of the Legal Aid Act to be amended. That authority can now authorise fees paid on a monthly basis not exceeding $30,000 per month,” Moore explained.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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