Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jack still a member of UNC: Kamla

Kamla Persad-Bissessar told reporters on Saturday Jack Warner is still a member of the United National Congress (UNC).

The UNC leader made the statement during a walkabout with Khadijah Ameen and several top UNC members. Ameen is the UNC candidate for the Chaguanas West by-election. Warner, the former Chaguanas west PM, was among eight persons screened for the election on July 29.

"Mr War­ner, as far as I am aware, remains a member of the UNC. I have not heard anything else," she told reporters who enquired about Warner's status within the party. "He remains a member of the party.”

Warner has said he wishes the candidate well and so far has not stated whether he would work to re-elect the candidate. He has scheduled a meeting in felicity for Friday at which he would tell supporters what he has decided to do.

Local media have quoted him as saying that he is considering one of three options - opting out of politics, running as an independent and forming a new party. Warner is on record as saying he has no quarrel with his leader and he has described himself as UNC to the bone.

At a meeting last week he said "they can take UNC away from me but they can't take me away from the UNC."

Ameen has asked all members of the party, including Warner and the others who sought the nomination, to work with her to win the seat for the UNC.

“Before I was named as the candidate, I indicated that if Mr Warner was named the candidate, I will work with him and trust that now that I am named the candidate, he will work with me," she told reporters." She said he has no "bad feelings" about the former UNC chairman.
She also called on supporters to run a clean campaign. "Let us join hands...we are one family and we have to walk together.” 

Persad-Bissessar is confident that Ameen would win the seat. "The feedback has been really tre­men­dous," she told the media. She described Ameen as "a well-experienced person in the politics" and a good campaigner. "I do believe that she will win the seat for the UNC,” she said.

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