Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jack says he has nothing to fear about July 29; says people will decide

File: Jack Warner with Khadijah Ameen
Jack Warner accepted the decision of the UNC's screening committee to reject him as the party's candidate for Chaguanas West and stated that while the leadership has spoken "it is the voice of the people that is the voice of God."

In a media statement, the former Chaguanas West MP stated, "I will not stand here and criticize the members of the Screening Committee and/or even the leadership because I do not even know what criteria were used to select their representative."

He added, "It may be that quality representation for constituents was not considered nor the wishes of the 31 out of 31 Party groups of Chaguanas West but, after all is said and done, at the end of the day it is the people who will decide.

"The people of Chaguanas West trust me always to be there for them and I trust them always to support me. Our relationship is based on trust and loyalty built through proper representation in good times and in bad times. It is a bond which cannot be easily broken."

Warner said he has nothing to fear, adding that the people will speak and "that is what is of importance", noting that the crowd at Friday's UNC meeting was bussed in. 

"It is not whom the party selects but whom the people elect," he said, adding that he say more about that at a public meeting next Friday in Felicity.

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