Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gordon says 20 minute meeting with Rowley above board

Ken Gordon: “There was absolutely no breach of protocol..."
Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon told the Express newspaper his meeting with Keith Rowley on May 15 was not a secret and that it lasted 20 minutes. He also said no protocol was b reached.

“Other than small chat, all that was discussed at that meeting was disclosed in the aide memoire,” Gordon told the paper. “There was absolutely no breach of protocol. Why would I put the meeting on record if I thought there was,” he added.

"I am prepared to meet with any Member of Parliament, either the Opposition leader or the Attorney General at my home or otherwise if something is urgent,” Gordon said.

Gordon told the paper the meeting was not "clandestine" and that he handed over notes on the meeting to the registrar the day after the meeting.

Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal first asked about the meeting during his contribution to the Financial (Supplementary Appropriation) Bill debate on Thursday but did not name Gordon.

In response to Gordon's reaction Moonilal told the Express, “It is remarkable that the Integrity Commission issued an aide memoire to remind us of something that never happened in public.”

He insisted that it is improper for the Opposition leader to meet in a private setting with the chairman of the Integrity Commission.

“Dr Rowley did not meet with the chairman at the eighteenth hole at the golf course in Moka but at his private residence. Is it Mr Gordon who did the honourable thing by disclosing the meeting and not Dr Rowley,” he said.

Moonilal said during Rowley’s entire minute contribution to his no confidence motion against the Prime Minister and her Government on May 20, he never mentioned the meeting with Gordon.

“This is highly improper, highly unethical and would lead to a series of questions on the conduct and fitness of Dr Rowley to hold office,” he said.

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