Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feature: Sisterhood of Survival

Dozens of survivors of domestic violence congregated recently at the 2nd annual Beauty for Ashes Banquet in Queens, New York hosted by The Carol Maraj Foundation to share their stories, celebrate their survival and their hope for the future. 

The event was opened by Pastor Lydia with a blessing, followed by Carol Maraj, Jason Seenath and Ceenee Gauthier who serenaded the guests with “I’ll Stand By You.” 

Ejima Morales offered a poignant tribute in poetry while Octavia Kiss and Lillianna Hersh performed a dance duet. Emotional addresses by two survivors of abuse who shared their stories underlined the somber reality of the impact and cost of domestic violence on families. 

Keynote speaker Dr.Kathy Maybank from the Department of Health affirmed the need for physical care and underlined the importance of pairing it with bolstering self-esteem. 

Many of the women, resident in shelters, expressed their gratitude to the Carol Maraj Foundation for the support they received while facing the challenge of rebuilding their lives and providing a safe home for their children. 

Carol Maraj, Chief Executive Officer of The Carol Maraj Foundation thanked the artistes and singled out the hair and makeup team who worked overnight with the guests from the shelters to help them prepare for the event, and also re-affirmed her ongoing commitment to women in shelters. 

She quoted Louise Otto, "Women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves,” and described the Foundation’s work as “satisfaction to my soul.” After a delicious dinner, the guests present enjoyed the music and engaged in lively dancing until the end of the event.

The Carol Maraj Foundation is a nonprofit organization which develops and executes programs to help empower women who suffered from domestic violence to build independent, productive lives by offering aesthetic services, motivation and overall health and wellness coaching. 

Ms Maraj is available for public addresses and shares her own experiences as a survivor of domestic abuse. Please contact the Carol Maraj Foundation to partner with us or learn more about our programs at or phone: 347 631 0708.

(Ms Maraj is the mother of pop superstar Nicky Minaj)

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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