Thursday, May 30, 2013

Police want Rowley's computer

Police investigating the email matter that was raised last week in the Parliament have asked Opposition Leader Keith Rowley to hand over his computer.

However they have stated that Rowley is not under investigation.

Local media reports say the request came from Inspector Sylvester of the IT department of the Police Service, one of three officers who met with Rowley on Tuesday. 

Rowley's lawyer, Faris-Al-Rawi explained to the Express newspaper that the lead investigator, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson, confirmed that Rowley was not under any investigation. 

“And I, as his lawyer, asked the police essentially to indicate the basis for their request and what specifically they were looking for so that we could assist them. DCP Richardson indicated that he would put his request into writing immediately,: Al-Rawi told the Express newspaper.

He added that up to the close of business Wednesday the police had not sent the request for the computer.

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