Thursday, May 23, 2013

Opposition walks out on PM Kamla

The Parliament chamber after the PNM walkout
The Opposition People's National Movement (PNM) walked out of Parliament on Wednesday afternoon after Speaker Wade Mark announced that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar would conclude the debate on Rowley's no confidence motion. 

Mark made his ruling in keeping with Parliament's standing order 34.2 after Rowley wrapped up his contribution in which he demanded an investigation of the matter of the emails he presented.

The Prime Minister began her contribution by stating that she didn't know that people were "so frightened" to hear her speak.

She took issue with Rowley for what she said was the fact that he based his entire defence on statements made by St Joseph MP Herbert Volney. She said it is interesting that this was the same man who dismissed Volney before as a person not to be taken seriously.

Just before Rowley concluded his remarks he alleged that the Prime Minister refused to reply to questions about Section 34 from the president. Persad-Bissessar rose to enquire whether the president told him so. Rowley refused to answer.

However in her contribution in the debate in the absence of the opposition she made it clear that she would never divulge private and confidential correspondence between the PM and President. She said she did reply to two letters from the president.

Persad-Bissessar also addressed Rowley's contention that police are not competent to investigate. She said the police are the only ones in the country with the authority to investigate matters such as the criminal issues raised in the allegations. She said contrary to Rowley's contention the Integrity Commission does not have the powers to conduct such a probe.

And she criticised Rowley for suggesting that the police are not competent to deal with investigations. She said while the opposition leader was attacking the government for trying to undermine institutions of state, Rowley was launching an unfair attack on the police. He noted that it is not surprising coming from Rowley, who has called soldiers killing machines.

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