Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Letter: Too many discrepancies point to bogus emails

The glaring headlines this morning (Tuesday) gave the impression that some big scandal was being unearthed by the Opposition PNM to expose the Attorney General and the Prime Minister as being involved in acts of transgression. One paper even went so far as to compare it to “Watergate” with the headline “Emailgate”!

Since May 2010, the political playfield in this country has been transformed overnight into a frightful battlefield. The war between the two major political parties has been intensified. The People’s Partnership Government has been one of the hardest working Governments for the people of this nation and one only has to look around in their own communities to come to that conclusion.

However, while this Government is fighting the battle, undergoing many sleepless nights all in the interest of our citizens, the Opposition PNM is also working hard, but mind you, not for the benefit or interest of our citizens, but instead looking for ways and means to create political mischief and damage. How else can we explain the reasons behind the claims made by Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament yesterday when he opened the debate on his Motion of No Confidence?

Under the cover of Parliamentary Privilege, Dr. Rowley allegedly unearthed a trail of emails supposedly exposing a Section 34 scandal. Looking at the trail of emails in the newspaper, you can clearly see that this so called “scandal” is nothing but a figment of Dr. Rowley’s wild imagination. How else can we explain the countless inconsistencies in the email trail?

Among the many contradictions, I personally even tried to send an email to the address and it bounced back to me with the following message:

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: anan@gmail.com.Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain gmail.com by gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com. [2607:f8b0:4003:c01::1b].”

I urge everyone to try it themselves. I assumed Dr. Rowley would have checked it himself, but alas I was wrong!

To further illustrate the fact that what was said by Dr. Rowley holds no water and serves only to malign and assassinate the character of the Attorney General, I tried to create an email address with four characters and the Google support team prevented me from doing so. I got an official explanation by the Google support team saying that between 6-30 characters are needed. This explanation can be found at this link https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7993

It states that: “We've discovered that short usernames at popular domains receive significantly more spam since they're easy to automatically generate. Gmail's requirement that all usernames be at least six characters in length is meant to keep spam out of your inbox. (Dots or periods don't count as characters when creating your username.)”

Even further, Dr. Rowley purports to have an "email" having been sent from both "anan@gmail.com; anand@tstt.net.tt", I have asked my IT trained and qualified friends who said that this is virtually impossible.

The citizens of this land would be comforted with a Police investigation into this matter and holding those responsible to account for their atrocious misconduct in attempting to humiliate our Attorney General and Prime Minister. 

Dr. Rowley’s actions only serve to create doubt and mistrust of the Government by the people of this land and destroy the unequivocal faith we have in the Government. His actions show that his party will resort to doing ANYTHING, stoop to whatever depths in an attempt to regain the reins of power. It is unfortunate and a downright embarrassment to this nation that the political battlefield has come to this, absolutely no rules of morality by those in Opposition. They remain shameless, unprincipled and unethical.

It has now become a habit of Dr, Rowley to make statements without checking the facts and then he has to return and apologise. 

This incident is not different from those times in the past, a formal retraction and apology should be made in the house by the Dr. Rowley and I urge the people of this country not to be swayed by the Opposition Leader’s fabrications.
Risha Pragg | 29 Passiflora Drive, Roystonia Gardens, Couva

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