Thursday, May 23, 2013

Letter: Rowley not fit to be MP

Dr Keith Rowley is not fit to be a Member of the Parliament of this country.

He has been proven to be naively gullible in what he believes to be truth, very neglectful of his duty to ascertain that what he tables in the Parliament is factual, but most of all, he has shown a frivolous disregard for the reputations of those he argues against and is willing to scandalise in his pursuit of quixotic glory.

Since 2010, I have not heard a single truly constructive or edifying contribution by Dr Rowley in the Parliament.

His approach has never really been proactive. His notion of “critical thinking” boils down to an exercise of intimidation of his opponent, and he has shown neither the maturity nor the grace of an intellectual.

I have not seen him seize the initiative in any truly constructive undertaking. Rather, his purpose seems to be that akin to a “ground-hog”—always digging up and throwing dirt on people.

This is, I think, the fourth motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister and the government she has the privilege to lead.

However, it is by far the most scandalous and outrageous. As the Attorney General has said, his 14-year-old nephew has examined the so-called e-mails that were “exposed” by Dr Rowley and the purported copies, as I listened to the Attorney General, clearly are not authentic.

By way of example: both a Monday and Tuesday were dated as September 10th, 2012; where the Monday was given as that date, the Wednesday of the same week was dated as September 11th; more than one e-mail was sent from two e-mail sites at the same time: eg, how can a person send a single e-mail from both “” and TSTT simultaneously?

How can an e-mail address be and reach the same person at What type of address is anan@gmail.con?

On one prior occasion I witnessed Dr Rowley broadcasting that the Attorney General was in New York at a T&T embassy and he had first-hand information that the AG had made racist remarks. Lo and behold Mr. Ramlogan had not even travelled to New York!

If this man who aspires to lead this country has shown himself to be this shoddy with his own work—representing himself and his own political interest, I shudder to think of the level of his performance when working on people’s behalf.

But more importantly than this, Dr Rowley has been the cause of yet another set of unnecessary but no less vitriolic character assassinations and this must not at all be left without appropriate redress.

He quite openly completely disrespects the Parliament of this nation and does not deserve to be there.

When he has been proven the fool in all of this, I hope that he is made to pay for his petulant and repetitive demonstrations of ignorance.

Steve Smith

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