Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letter: Did PNM chop off T&T's neck, Dr Rowley?

I have now officially lost hope in the Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. 

Dr Rowley seems to be very efficient at contradicting himself every Monday, week after week. I must admit that his precision and execution is almost flawless.

His latest success occurred at his weekly Monday meeting recently, where he suggested that Air Jamaica was bleeding T&T like a chop neck.

In his usual flamboyant style Dr Rowley supplemented his statements with evidence in the form of an IMF report, which advised the Jamaican government to dispense with Air Jamaica. However, he failed to clearly acknowledge that the CAL and Air Jamaica merger was signed before the May 24 general elections.

Given the facts of the matter, I would like to ask Dr Rowley, is he admitting that the PNM chopped T&T’s neck? If not, I would like to provide him with these words of advice from me to you: “One does not need to oppose for the sake of opposing. Sometimes we can actually work together to make our country a better place for our children.”

I would hate to see the one day the Prime Minister says Dr Rowley is right and you oppose that too.

Sam Duncan | 

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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