Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Duprey should return his Chaconia Gold medal: Clico policyholders group

The CLICO Policyholders Group wants President Anthony Carmona to take back the Chaconia Gold medal that was given to Lawrence Duprey in 1999.

The move is prompted by Duprey's involvement in the collapse of CL Financial and the failure of the conglomerate's former Executive Chairman to show up at the Colman Commission on Enquiry last week.

In a release on the issue, the group said it is calling on Duprey to do the right thing. 

The group said. "...it has not escaped our attention that this is the same gentleman who was awarded the nation's second highest honour, the Chaconia Gold Medal, in 1999 by then President ANR Robinson on behalf of the Government and people of T&T for service in the field of business. 

"Moreover, it is also our understanding that the Chaconia Medal Gold is usually awarded to a person who has performed long and meritorious service to T&T tending to promote the national welfare or strengthen the community spirit.

“The letters “CMTT” are placed after his/her name on all occasions. However, a person ceases to be a member or honorary member of the DSTT upon the revocation/stripping of his/her award by the President...

“We as taxpaying citizens of this country must find a way let them know in no uncertain terms that we are not prepared to tolerate this type of selfish and disrespectful behaviour as we pursue our legitimate right to know what transpired at Clico and CLF...

“Nonetheless, we remain confident that all is not lost, nor is it too late for Mr. Duprey, in particular, to reconsider his position, since we are certain that given the importance of his evidence, should he have a change of heart, the Commission would be more than willing to accommodate him even if it means convening a special sitting, mindful that the same rules of engagement would apply.”

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