Friday, May 3, 2013

Anand bats for Jack, says ex-minister did "decent and honourable" thing and resigned

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan on Thursday dismissed suggestions from the media that the PM's decision to make Warner a minister in 2010 was flawed, given the concerns at that time that his holding of a cabinet position while being a FIFA vice president could have led to a possible conflict of interest and other complications.

At the time Ramlogan got legal opinions that stated that there was no conflict and that there was nothing wrong with the decision to appoint Warner to cabinet.

Ramlogan noted on Thursday that so far none of the allegations against Warner relates to his performance as a minister. However he said the government had to consider the Concacaf Integrity Commission.

"We obviously had faith and confidence in the ability, competence and character and reputation of (Sir David) Simmons," he said. "It would have been foolhardy having appointed him there to now question the wisdom of his judgment in a different capacity as a Concacaf enquirer or adjudicator."

The AG disagreed that allegations about Warner's role in FIFA was connected to his public role at home. "It is a bit like saying that a man who has marital problems, is unfit for any other kind of office because an allegation has been made," he said. 

"What I am saying is the allegations that have been made pertain to his conduct as an official of FIFA and the Government has no jurisdiction over FIFA, no knowledge over the internal workings and affairs of FIFA.”

Ramlogan noted that there is the case brought by the Soca Warriors as well as the votes-for-cash matter and the possible breach of the Customs Act now under investigation.

"If there are grounds for enquiring into the conduct of any minister, I would most certainly take action and enquire, but one cannot just up on a ‘vaps’ and say one is going on an investigation at large," he said.

The AG made it clear that if there are allegations with respect to Warner's role as a minister he would "take them on their own merit and each case would be treated on its own individual circumstance."

He noted that Warner did the "decent and honourable" thing when he resigned.

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