Friday, May 3, 2013

AG wants to know if Duprey entered T&*T and was not served subpoena

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan wants immigration authorities and police to say whether former CL Financial executive chairman Lawrence Duprey visited Trinidad and Tobago while there was a subpoena out for him to attend the commission of enquiry into CLICO?

The issue has come up in the context of the decision by the lone commissioner in the Clico/HUC enquiry, Sir Anthony Colman, to rule that he cannot lay charges against Duprey for failing to show up at the probe because Duprey doesn't live in the country. 

Speaking at Thursday’s post-Cabinet news conference, Ramlogan pointed to media reports that Duprey had visited this country. He it's a serious issue if Duprey were allowed to enter and leave Trinidad and Tobago without being served the subpoena.

“If it is that, from our Immigration records, Mr Duprey was allowed to enter and leave without being served, that is a serious indictment, and it raises a lot of questions that require to be answered. Because this is obviously a matter of grave and urgent public importance and requires some prio­rity by the Police Service. One can only hope that was the approach taken by the Police Service,” he said.

Ramlogan added that Immigration authorities should have had Duprey's name red-flagged, so that the minute he entered Tri­nidad and Tobago airspace or waters, he could be served with the summons.

“Mr Duprey didn’t need a summons to tell him that he is wanted by that commission of enquiry. He has had lawyers appearing for him in the commission of enquiry," the AG told reporters.

"He is the central protagonist and, indeed, the fountain­head of the CLICO empire," Ramlogan added, noting that it should be no surprise to Duprey that there was a summons for him.

“Bear in mind that your non-appearance and your failure to co-operate now provides the commission with a solid legal platform and foundation to make the kinds of findings and adverse inferences, based on the unanswered evidence and the unchallenged testimony that has gone before the commission of enquiry. That, no doubt, would assist in the criminal investigations that are underway," Ramlogan stated. 

"The DPP has assembled a team that comprises an international firm and experienced lawyers who are specialists in the relevant field, and that team is working assiduously. The criminal investigation is underway...But one looks forward with bated breath to Sir Anthony Colman’s final report which we expect would assist in the pursuit of social justice, one way or the other,” he added.

The Attorney General said the country's hands are tied on the matter of acting in another country's jurisdiction.

“A Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago constitutionally cannot make laws that it can enforce on foreign soil. You can only do so by virtue of some co-operation or permission with the foreign country,” he said.

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