Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TV6 drops Alleyne's CRIME WATCH

Ian Alleyne
It's formal. TV6 confirmed in a media release Tuesday that it is dropping the Crime Watch show hosted by Ian Alleyne. 

The private television station said it did not renew Alleyne's contract because it was not willing to meet the demands of the host.

The statement said: “We wish to inform our loyal viewers that Crime Watch is no longer on the scheduled programmes on TV6. Our contract with Mr Ian Alleyne ended on April 10, 2013 . 

“The contract was not renewed as we were not able to meet Mr Alleyne’s demands.

“We thank Mr Alleyne for his services and wish him the very best in any future efforts.Viewers can look forward to our usual line-up of exciting programmes.”

It's the second time Alleyne's show has been dropped. He created Crime Watch at WINTV in Chaguanas and had a big following there. However WINTV dropped the show after the station's management became uncomfortable with some of the content.

AT TV6 Crime Watch continued to be a popular show but Alleyne got in trouble with the law and dragged the TV station into a legal matter for airing video of a teenager being raped.

On March 19 he was fined Alleyne a total of $30,000, with respect to the charges. The TV station was also charged in connection with the incident.

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