Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tobago T&TEC worker under investigation for Tobago blackout: Ramnarine

A T&TEC employee at the Cove power plant in Tobago is under investigation in connection with the Good Friday nationwide blackout.
Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine told the Senate Tuesday preliminary investigations have shown that an “operator error” was responsible for the power outage in Tobago. 

He said, "The sister isle is supplied power via a submarine cable of 15 MW of power and the T&TEC plant at Cove Industrial Estate, which is capable of 64 MW of power...The loss of power in Trinidad caused the loss of four MW of power, which was at the time being supplied by the submarine cable.

"In attempt to pick up the loss of this supply, the three generating units at Cove Power Station were shut down due to operator error. This resulted in a total loss of power in Tobago at 1.29 am. At this time, we were in a state of nationwide blackout. The operator error at Cove Power Station is under investigation.”

The President of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) told local media he has no knowledge of Ramnarine’s claim. The OWTU represents T&TEC workers.

He said, "I would take whatever Ramnarine says with a heavy dose of salt unless I see hard evidence.” 

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