Friday, April 5, 2013

Ramlogan: "Soldiers are not idle"

From Government Information Services Limited, Trinidad
"I made no statement that our soldiers are idle".

That was the statement made by Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan in rebuttal to an article published in a local daily newspaper stating that Ramlogan claimed the Army was idle when he piloted the Defence and Police Complaints Authority Amendment Bill 2013 in Parliament on Tuesday.

Ramlogan said the Hansard would prove he had made no such statement.

"At no point in time have I ever said that our soldiers are lazy. They are mature, professional and should be part of the crime fighting measures," Ramlogan said Thursday at the weekly post-Cabinet news briefing.

The Attorney General explained that the country should tap into the resource of the Army for the "greater good of all citizens". He said he had paid tribute to the country’s Defence Force as it has served its country well.

"This article has caused anxious, bitterness from those who have listened to what I had to say on Tuesday," Ramlogan said.

Ramlogan, who says he will not take any action against the media house, advised that journalists should be more careful when reporting on Parliamentary proceedings.

The Express newspaper has corrected its error. Read the Express story:

Ramlogan: I never said soldiers are lazy

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