Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PM's office "concerned" about leaked confidential letter from President

File: PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar with former President Max Richards
The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago said in a media release Monday it views "with deep concern", what appears to have been a highly "questionable and clandestine breach of trust, between the Office of the Prime Minister and persons purporting to represent the Office of the President". 

The release from the Government Information Services Limited (GISL) stated: "From information at our disposal, the Office of the Prime Minister was in no way involved in the leak of information contained in an article carried in the Sunday Express newspaper, dated April 07,2013, which was headlined "Max Scolded PM over Section 34."

It added, "The article quoted information contained in correspondence between the Honourable Prime Minister and former President, Professor George Maxwell Richards on the issue.

"Under well established convention, correspondence between His Excellency the President, and the Honourable Prime Minister, is treated with the strictest confidence between both office holders, and therefore it was a matter of deep concern to the Honourable Prime Minister that information of this nature was leaked to the media. 

"What is of equally disturbing concern for the Prime Minister is that the newspaper article in question came less than 48 hours after a high court judgement representing a vindication of the Government's efficiency and expeditious manner in treating with the Section 34 issue, and the way in which it was handled. 

"In response to a request from the former President for information on the issue, the Honourable Prime Minister had written to him on December 13, 2012, providing scrupulous detail about a number of material facts in the matter, as requested by His Excellency. 

"That correspondence was marked "Personal and Secret".
"Apart from what clearly has been a clandestine and highly questionable breach of trust between the Office of the President and the Office of the Prime Minister, the timing of the article in question appears to have the effect of maligning the good name of the former President. 

"The Honourable Prime Minister does not in any way condone any surreptitious attempt to bring the Office of the President into disrepute."

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