Sunday, April 21, 2013

Letter: Show the evidence against Warner

While I hold no brief for National Security Minister Jack Warner, he is held in esteem by some as one of the hardest working ministers ever, and others as a modern day “Robin Hood” for the good he has done.

Mr Warner has never been charged with any fraud or misappropriation of funds. At present, there is no charge, no police investigation, no parliamentary enquiry, no Integrity Commission enquiry.

There will never be any charge unless there is political will and incontrovertible proof is provided by way of unaccounted funds backed up by audited accounts for every entity to which he is responsible. In the absence of this, everything is just dust in the wind, and Mr Warner knows this; that is why he is not worried.

In his official capacity as part of several governing bodies, Mr Warner was entitled to legitimate funding, this together with his many business interests and enterprises and personal accounts, it is well nigh impossible to obtain any money trail, to prove fraud, not even talking about getting information legally.

Mr Warner has achieved the distinction of becoming a world figure. That puts him among the elite, the people who run the world; that means the rule-makers can be rule-breakers. 

The kind of privilege and immunity these people have is unbelievable. It’s just the reality of the world we live in, much like the CLICO debacle. You can run an insurance company like a bank—you can lend, acquire holdings or be illiquid to the tune of maybe $20 billion before you qualify for a bailout.

You can diversify legitimate business interests to such an extent, that a money trail can be impossible to obtain and yet be able to spin off private wealth.

My advice to Mr Warner’s detractors is: if you don’t have incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing, don’t waste your time and other people’s time.

Joel Quintal | San Fernando

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