Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letter: Penny Beckles lacks respect for Senate

"Row over soldier bill" (,176054.html) by Newsday's Sean Douglas is hilarious, also alarming and intriguing. 

It tells of Senator Penny Beckles' flippancy, also her memory and priorities where the public's business and importance of the Parliament are concerned.

Nearly a fortnight ago, the Senate was asked to postpone debate on the Defence Amendment Act to April 23rd at 10am and not a Senator objected to the request. 

Both then and since Senator Beckles has been the Leader of Opposition Bench. How come now she's protesting the agreed timing of the reconvening disadvantages her private legal practice, is what she does in private more important to her than her dual public roles in what traditionally is viewed as the highest court in the land?

To be a Senator is a most distinguished privilege which very few are allowed and so, when extended, must be cherished beyond everything else. The fact the Senate's referred to as The Upper House confirms its unrivalled precedence and predominance in our overall scheme of things. 

Having taken a solemn oath to discharge their duty of their office without fear or favour to anyone, Senators are out of place to protest "I have more important things to do!" when properly summoned to deal with the public's business. A Senator's is a 24-oh-7 occupation, not an in-at-9-out-by-4 job and "anyone" includes self.

I call on Senator Beckles to apologize to the entire Senate and to the population at large for her misguided stance regarding her parliamentary duties.

Being about the only PNM Senator with a levelheaded disposition, it's a pity Senator Beckles made such a lapse. It's also expected she'd be appropriately contrite and not make the mistake again.

Omatie Rajpaul-Henderson | Circular Road, Sta Margarita

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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