Friday, April 5, 2013

Letter: Is CCN too lazy to apologize to the AG?

In its online edition Friday The Trinidad Express publishes an article (Ramlogan: I never said soldiers were lazy) where it walks back on its grave faux pas.

One day earlier, in a TV6 7pm News Report and People Meter Poll Question, CCN had asserted the Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan, during the Senate sitting of April 4th, informed the Upper House (and the nation) that our soldiers are lazy. 

CCN didn't walk back far enough. It should have said sorry.

It didn't! Therefore I must ask, "Is CCN burnt out? Or simply too lazy to apologize?"

I'm presently doing a research paper on penal reform, so I've been closely following the script of the parliamentary debate surrounding the army helping the Police Service. 

I'm well-positioned to inform your readership that, on April 4th 2013, this is what the AG actually said (I've paraphrased and inserted highlights)—

"...All Commonwealth Caribbean countries have been reviewing the role of the Defence Force to make it more practical and relevant to their unique social circumstances. Let us face the facts: if any country invades Trinidad and Tobago, our army, small, loyal, powerful and committed as it is, will have to seek external help.

"It's simply impractical—in today’s day and age—to have an army on standby, standing idle, waiting for something to happen that may never happen! That is our reality. Meanwhile, law-abiding, decent citizens of T&T—who pay the taxes—remain under siege, forced to cower in their barricaded homes and, when venturing outdoors, walk gingerly, as though they are walking on eggshells. Law-abiding citizens must peer from behind these burglar-proof bars, looking out, watching and, especially after 7pm, the land belongs to the gun-toting bandits who roam and walk freely."

Who can doubt the Attorney General came to the Senate to praise our soldiers, not bury them—as suggested by CCN?

Come on, CCN! Be a sport! Be a man! Say sorry to the man!

Or, be numbered—and remembered—as a media house with an anti-AG axe to grind!
Dr Hermia Ophelia Tynsdale | SMR, Otaheite, South Trinidad.

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