Sunday, April 21, 2013

Letter: Did Prakash dishonour the office of the AG?

Unless I'm misinformed, the Leader of the Congress of the People is merely holding on for the real Attorney General who's attending a major judicial conference in South Africa. 

While acting therefore, the COP Leader constitutionally IS the Attorney General, thus, anything he says or does during that interim bears much more weight than when he's in his substantive post. (The Office of Attorney General, you see, is the secondmost important office in the Cabinet; in fact, the AG is the Legal Adviser to the Government.) Because glibness is utterly unbecoming of an Attorney General, whenever any AG speaks, or signs his name to any document, everyone perks up and takes very careful note, then invariably gives due deference.

Since May 2010, unlike in days gone by, the conduct of business of the Office of the Attorney General has evolved practically to the point of pristine infallibility, such is the extraordinary and exemplary comprehension, comprehensiveness and acumen of the incumbent, Anand Ramlogan, SC. 

It's a most startling development for the Acting AG out of the blue to use any part of his stint to call upon the Prime Minister to fire a fellow Cabinet Minister! The only precedent coming to mind is when Ramesh Lawrence Maraj started "railing up" on becoming annoyed at not being allowed to act as Prime Minister. We all know how that ended for Ramesh.

I'm therefore forced to ask if the Office of Attorney General has been compromised by an actor. In my view, Minister Prakash Ramadhar was completely out of place to put out a release demanding Minister Jack Warner to go. His better course would've been to resist the prodding of his party's executive and remain very guarded, given his recently-added weight. In short, he should've refrained from being suckered into another petulant outburst, or, worse yet, making people feel it's because he's upset at being bypassed for the Acting PM's job.

Were I the Prime Minister, I'd strip Prakash at once and give him a proper dressing down to boot!

I sure hope the real Attorney General quickly distances his august office from what his COP relief has said. Left uncorrected, what'll certainly go down in the books is that the AG made the call.

Humphrey Diefenthaller, La Horquette, Trinidad

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