Friday, April 19, 2013

Letter: Defeat of Defence Bill would be a defeat of the people, not the government

Dear Editor:

When the Senate debate on the Miscellaneous Provisions (Defence and Police Complaints) Bill was halted two weeks ago many jumped at the Government’s throat, rejoicing that they had been “defeated”.

I beg to differ.

Surely when a Bill is laid in Parliament, it is open to many criticisms by both the Opposition and the Independent benches; this is how we operate in a democracy.

We endorse the extra pair of fresh eyes and the scrutiny. However, I am not much concerned over the Opposition’s contributions as they indicated from the start that they were not going to support the Bill at all. The fact that they contributed at all, to me , was a waste of the Parliament’s time as they had no intention of really nit picking this Bill for faults or making viable recommendations to the Government in order for its passage and successful implementation. 

I believe that the reason for their contributions was really to oppose for opposing sake and use the Parliament as a political platform to unnecessarily slam the Government for doing their job. 

There was no real concern from the Opposition for the scourge of crime in this country because they did not make time to bring to the Parliament a feasible alternative for the people. They sat, they condemned and they left. You know the usual high handed approach. Having them at the consultations would have been a clear waste of time.

I beg to differ that this Bill has been defeated as claimed. I think the move by the Government to adjourn the sitting in order to consult with the Independents on the issues raised and even take the Opposition’s remarks into consideration was a very mature, strong and democratic approach to true governance. 

It was even more mature of the Independents (who were present) to make themselves readily available for talks with the Government and relevant stakeholders. This clearly shows me who really has the nation’s best interest. 

Most of us have realized that in order for this nation to move forward we must all join hands, even in times of differences, to work together and put this country on the pedestal that we want to see it shine from. That, I applaud.

I hold with great hope that this meeting has been fruitful because this would never be a defeat for Ms Bissessar, Mr Ramlogan or the Government; it would be a defeat for the citizens and most importantly the victims of this country who are pleading for additional measures to be put into place to secure their safety. A right which we are all entitled to should not be infringed upon for selfish political gains or sabotage.

Jenna Thomas | Maracas, St Joseph

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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