Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter: "Commonsense make before booksense!"

"Commonsense make before booksense!"

Where have I heard that before?

It must have many places, but "like stick break in mih ears" these days. I just can't pinpoint exactly.

Our Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan, has written to his USA counterpart, Eric Holder, seeking information about some rumours wildly circulating in the grist. 

No doubt, our Attorney General's diplomatic inquiry was prompted by these Nansi Stories taking on the mantle of credibility due to the "virtuous" tongues spreading them. I note Mr Holder is yet to answer. Is he twiddling his thumbs? Or is he tongue-tied like our man Jack?

It's a great juncture to remind all there's an Aesop fable which tells of the great storyteller being asked by the king to prepare the worst and best dishes for human consumption. Amidst great fanfare, each time he served up boiled cow tongue.

The monarch was indignant. He asked Aesop to explain. Everyone swore Aesop's "dogs was dead", but an unruffled Aesop coolly responded how tongues, though tender organs, generate welcome good, peace and love, or unbearable discord, hatred and malice, depending on the brains goading them.

The audience got the message - tongues can soothe or lash out unfairly, according to how the mind's settled or twisted. And Aesop went on to live for many more years.

With that in view, firstly I'd like to say to the government, please ignore your sworn enemies when they ill-speak you; take them on when they shower praises! 

These rumours about Minister Warner emanate from parasites we cast aside in 2010 who, given any leeway, will re-leech themselves to the good ship, SS Trinbago and resume their paths to our national chagrin.

Secondly and finally, I began by extolling the virtues of commonsense. I'll end by suggesting what my gut sense tells me - whatever US investigation's underway cannot be directed towards a TT citizen, else the USA would've responded promptly. 

Moral? Someone who recently chucked in his plum post will probably be blazed before its done.

Omatie Rajpaul-Henderson | Circular Road, Sta. Margarita, St Augustine.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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