Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feature: Bad dreams and Trinidad & Tobago politics

Sometimes online blogs and chat groups present an interesting and different perspective on national and political issues. The post below, take from JahajeeDesi2005@yahoogroups.com , speaks for itself.

I had a bad dream, oh yes, I had a bad dream, last night I dream that Rowley was elected PM and that PNM had won the elections. My dream continued and I saw the following in my dream:

  • All URP workers were immediately removed from their jobs and replaced by PNM supporters
  • All CEPEP contractors were fired and new contracts given to PNM supporters
  • Thousands of CEPEP workers lost their jobs. Their children remained hungry and they lost their appliances they bought on hire purchase
  • The Rowley government announced that it was discontinuing the laptop for students program. Poor students were seen screaming and parents were crying because their children will not be able to have a laptop computer to develop as rich children had
  • Mothers and fathers were seen selling cup-cakes and toolum to raise money to send their children for life saving surgery
  • The UWI Debe campus was discontinued and closed. Many students were seen lamenting that they could not continue their studies due to cost of renting near UWI
  • The Sangre Grande Campus of COASTATT was closed leaving 800 students in the zilch
  • The Ministry of the People was disbanded. Poor people were seen begging for food since food cards were given to the friends and family of PNM
  • I saw a disabled person crawling on the pavement because he could not get a wheelchair from the Ministry of the People
  • I saw people living in shacks because the PNM disbanded the starter house program
  • I saw confusion and uproar because the land for the landless program was also disbanded by the PNM
  • I saw people crying because they could not get deeds of comfort so that they could borrow from the banks to repair and build their homes. The PNM stopped the deeds of comfort
  • I saw big buildings going up in Port of Spain but I also saw schools falling apart for lack of repairs
  • I saw the recreational facilities in villages stopped by the PNM who decided that rural development and country people were not important
  • I saw less national scholarships being granted by the PNM
  • I saw the GATE program revised and a means test being used. Many poor students were not able to go to UWI
  • I saw less money being put into the self-help commission. No more repair grants were available. people were living under roofs that were leaking and wooden floors were creaking
  • The HDC announce that the PNM had stopped the housing grants program
  • I saw that houses were being given only to PNM supporters and Partnership supporters were being turned away and told “this is we time now” 
  • I saw the free school books program also stopped. The PNM said that students have to pay for an education
Oh my, what a bad dream!

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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