Monday, April 22, 2013

Chaguanas West strikes back; demands Ramadhar's dismissal from PP

Chaguanas West is fighting back and its focus is the Congress of the People (COP) and its leader Prakash Ramadhar.

On Saturday Ramadhar issued a media release calling for Chagunas West MP Jack Warner to resign from cabinet based on the findings of a Concacaf Integrity Committee report prepared by Sir David Simmons.

On Sunday Indra Maraj Jaggesar, Secretary of the Chaguanas West constituency, issued a media release stating that the constituency stands "in full support" of its MP and calling for "the immediate dismissal of COP Leader, Prakash Ramadhar, as member of the People’s Partnership Government."

The release added, "For a minority leader as Ramadhar, who could barely muster 3,000 votes nationally for the COP leadership, to call on Jack Warner who attracted more than 12,000 votes to resign has to be the biggest political joke of the year." 

It suggested that while Prakash Ramadhar was plotting "the demise and downfall of the Chaguanas West MP and Chairman of the UNC" Warner was meeting "with his constituents since 1:30am along with constituents from Ramadhar’s own constituency, who cannot see him, helping them to bring relief to the many problems they face on a daily basis."

It added, "If anyone must go, it is Prakash Ramadhar. He brings no value in comparison to our MP and offers no relief to the people he was elected to serve.

"We, the constituents of Chaguanas West will not remain silent. We will never stand still while the COP attempts to destroy our MP.
Maraj Jaggessar called the COP release calling for Warner to resign "rude and disrespectful" and described it as a clear indication "that not only has the leadership of the COP declared war against our MP, but also against the 19.000 constituents who voted for him." 

She said, "We stand in full defence of our MP and the UNC of which he is Chair.
And so today, we declare that nothing but the immediate withdrawal of this media release..will satisfy us.

"Failure to do so, Chaguanas West will never be a zone of comfort or peace for the Congress of the People and their divisive leadership."

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